People who I should say “thanks” to before they die.

Bernard Cribbins
The comic songs, the character acting, the stories on Jackanory, the unmistakeable voice, the Wombles. Bernard I salute you!

Rolf Harris
Needs no introduction. Painter, singer, musician, cartoonist, presenter and all round good egg. Rolf I salute you!

Frankie Howerd
Too late I know. Master of the double entendre. I love wordplay, and Frankie’s affectations just made me laugh out loud. Get your titters out!

Paul Simon
Genius singer/songwriter. Graceland is still one of my favourite albums. I know he had help on there, but even so. And there’s all the other stuff before that too. Genius.

Edward Tufte
Sometimes you read a book which makes sense of a whole lot of things you only had an inkling of before. Such was the The Visual Display of Quantitative Information for me. Prof. Tufte, I salute you.

Phil Collins
Drummer, singer, songwriter, wearer of tank tops. I’ve grown up with his music and performances from the Genesis days, and while our tastes went separate ways for a while there, his farewell concert DVD left me with a lump in my throat. PC, I salute you.


4 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. Aunty Claire Says:

    How about Humphrey Littleton & co in ISIHAC?
    I never understood what a blog was before! Very entertaining.

  2. […] of my heroes, Rolf Harris, will be able to vouch for the Mike and the Mechanics song. We know from Animal […]

  3. […] there’s less new stuff to amaze and delight the mind. I’ve just added a new hero to my heroes page, in the person of Professor Edward Tufte, a man who talks an awful lot of sense about […]

  4. lose weight Says:

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