July 26, 2007

I know we live in a very privileged time and place, and that we’re very lucky to have antibiotics that can make a mere inconvenience out of what would in earlier times and in other places be a matter of life and death. But.

MiniBish2 has just been prescribed some stuff called flucloxacillin which, according to Wikipedia is “a narrow spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic of the penicillin class […] used to treat infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria [and] active against beta-lactamase-producing organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, which would otherwise be resistant to most penicillins” and, according to MiniBish2 is “disgusting”. And she’s not wrong. It must be the most foul-smelling, rank-tasting jollop produced since Noah was a boy. Seriously. If you think whisky is horrible, you should taste this stuff.

Now obviously us rational adults, aware that this is the elixir of life and knowing that septicemia and certain death are the alternatives, can put the, ahem, “unpalatable” taste aside and swallow it down like men, but you ain’t going to convince a seven year old to do that. I was seriously worried that her dinner would come up before the medicine went down. And no Mary Poppins, I’m afraid that no amount of sugar will disguise the ghastliness of this concoction.

Perhaps doctors’ children are made of different stuff than those of us civilians, or perhaps this doctor just didn’t have children. Whatever, I tell you all that it is a waste of time prescribing children medicines that taste like they’ve been made by mixing together all the chemicals in the cupboard under the sink, drinking them, vomiting the result into a bucket then straining it through a marathon-runner’s sock into a bottle. Don’t waste your time. And even making it a pretty red colour won’t fool anyone for long.

No. We need banana flavoured antibiotics and we need them now.


21 Responses to “Flucloxacillin”

  1. amuirin Says:

    What a vivid description. Yeah, if doctors had to administer the first dose, these children medications would get tastier, fast.

  2. Marika Says:

    So know where you are coming from. Horrible. My 10 month has been prescribed fluclosacillin. I think my doctor had the same advice as yours – and he advises that they just have to have it, and he hasn’t even tasted it himself. It seems to kill the taste of anything i try to put it with. Did you find anything successful to mask/hide the taste?
    Anxiously waiting to hear.

    • Frightful Bish Says:

      We cheated. Went back to the doctor and made him change it for another antibiotic that we could actually administer.

      • Paul Warms Says:

        I’m interested to learn what alternative your doctor prescribed. My 3 year old was prescribed this foul stuff and complained to such an extent that I tried it myself. It really is terrible.
        So we are going back to the GP later.

  3. Peter Atkinson Says:

    Our 20 month old has an infected toe. We’re trying for the second time to give him Flucloxacillin 4 times a day. 7 ounces of formula milk does the trick as he loves his ‘bok bok’ even though he is down to one a day. We’ve decide to temporarily up him to three a day again to get some more antibiotic down him. Tried other drinks to no avail. Will be trying alternatives. (*I wonder if he’ll drink cider*);)

  4. paul Says:

    tried putting it in a yougurt, tried making a milk shake and putting it in still no luck also tried putting it in squash had to become the evil parent and hold her nose and spoon it in. hated it so much .

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  7. Emma Says:

    It doesn’t taste that bad, a bit like nail polish to be honest..

  8. Louise Collins Says:

    Just been prescribed some of this today, tasted it after my 3 year old kicked up such a fuss, wish I hadn’t took about half an hour for the foul taste to go away after just one tiny drop in my mouth!!!

  9. Natalie_1982 Says:

    My 3 year has been prescribed this today for an ear infection. I have tried masking it in jam, yoghurt, jam and yoghurt, honey, sugar, squash, fizzy vimto and resorted to pinning her on the bed with me knees and syringing it in, the result being that the taste was so foul and she was so upset that she vomited everywhere. Then I started crying which made her worse.
    I feel like a namby, pamby mummy for ringing up the doctor’s surgery saying I can’t get my 3 year old to take it, but seriously, I dipped my finger in it to taste it then had a bowl of cereal and a black coffee and can still taste the wretched stuff. Poor little mites. Hopefully doc will ring back and offer an alternative prescription :/

  10. Talene Says:

    GRRRRR! the first time my 3 yr old took it today, she pulled a funny face and said it tasted wierd, the second time she threw it up, the third time was a battle and the the fourth dose before bed resulted in a 45 minute show down with me and daddy, bright pink medicine down pjs, up the walls and a very distressed child with matted hair where it just got everywhere. She has got impetigo so really need to get her to take it before it spreads even further. we tasted it and tried very hard to disgise the fact that we both gagged trying to swallow it, I have disguised it a little by mixing it with calpol, milk and sugar but obviously giving her paracetamol 4 times a day is not an ideal solution! Whoever thought a child can take this needs their heads read! Think i will give up and ask for something different, typical it happens to be sunday tomorrow so will have to wait till monday or i may try the out of hours dr. I have a little hope after reading these posts that there could poss be an alternative. Fingers crossed!!!

    • Natalie_1982 Says:

      I really couldn’t get my little one to take it for any regular amount of time that it would have any impact, and the infection got worse and worse; the doctor (a locum, not my own) then prescribed ear drops for her because she wouldn’t trst me with any medicine – even Calpol, and everyone loves Calpol!! A week later, my 7 month old was diagnosed with an ear infection as well and the doctor (my own doctor this time, not out of hours) has given her the banana penicillin which hasn’t been a problem giving to her in the slightest, so I don’t know why they couldn’t just give us this for our eldest in the first place, so hopefully there should be something else that can be prescribed for your little one also. Good luck!

  11. jonesuk Says:

    I agree it is the worst medicine I have ever tasted. My 22 month old as an infected toe and as this is the best antibiotic for skin complaints I have been prescribed this. I have to pin him down and syringe it is which is very upsetting, I’m worried as he is with the child minder today and she said she will try it mixed with yogurt as doesn’t want to pin him down. Fingers crossed.

  12. Milly Says:

    my 3 yr old has been given this medicine and there is no way i can disguise the horrible taste!! ive done the syringe and pin down but that aint right! ive tried disguising it with a blackcurrent cordial, ice cream to no avail! was told yoghurt also but after what i tasted with the ice cream, didnt see much point! why do doctors prescribe this when our kids and us parents cant stand it!????

  13. Janette Rylance Says:

    This is absolutely the most foul tasting medcine ever concieved. The fact that is is frequently prescribed to poorly little kids means that surely someone in a lab somewhere could at least attempt to make it acceptable, (preferrably not pineaple and menthol flavour which is quite biazare!!) If GP prescription does not stipulate Floxapen then the pharmacist dispensing this have the choice of choosing a cheap generic brand which are particularly, unforgivably foul. This was prescribed to my 10 year old yesterday and after two doses (and tasting it myself) I took it back to
    the pharmacist to let them know it was totally unpalateable and unacceptable to make children vomit in the course of treating a skin complaint!!. They were not impressed and insisted that this was the only kind/flavour they could give. I persisted and have had it changed to erythromycin instead. Basically as a parent complain. It is not ok to make children so distressed and upset.

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  16. Conni Says:

    For slightly older kids, try getting your kid to think about his or her favorite food – probably sweets or pop sodas they usually would not get too often – and after each time swallowing the medicine (and maybe getting them to hold their own nose – it really helps!) they can have a little of their favorite. It doesn’t have to be a whole soda can or bar of chocolate, just a little cup or a bite. Maybe this helps making the whole experience into something positive, rather than a horrible ordeal.

  17. unnamed Says:

    wow! super!

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