Amazon MP3 Store

February 5, 2009

I’ve just been making my first purchases from the Amazon MP3 store, having shopped mainly from iTunes Store before. Although it’s not as seamless an experience as iTunes it seems to work well enough once you’ve got the download helper installed and configured with your browser and I will shortly be the proud owner of three new albums.

It’s kind of weird seeing tracks at different prices after the one-size-fits-all approach of iTunes, but after all, why not? You shouldn’t necessarily expect to pay the same for a brand new track and one that’s years old. It will be interesting to see if this puts any sort of a dent in iTunes popularity. I notice Apple are already pushing a DRM-free, higher-quality version in iTunes Plus (but you pay 20p per track for that freedom: Amazon tracks are DRM free anyway and come at a lower price than even standard iTunes tracks, albeit at MP3 quality).

On the minus side, One-Click ordering doesn’t seem to work on MP3 downloads on Amazon unless I’m missing something, so the purchase process is a bit harder, as well as the download process being a bit less slick. Still, it all loads into the iTunes library happily enough which is a bit of a prerequisite for any measure of success for an iTunes Store competitor I suppose.

My thanks to BishBro-in-law for the birthday gift voucher which has gone towards Portishead, Seasick Steve and David Byrne/Brian Eno. (What a great album title from S.S. by the way – "I Started Out With Nothin’ and I Still Got Most of it Left". Cracking. Reminds me of an old joke: How do you make a small fortune out of writing software? Start with a large fortune.")

I see David Byrne is playing live near here in Spring. Having just been to see Richard Thompson live this weekend, if I went to that as well it would bring my live gigs average up to about one every ten years. Yeah, maybe that would be overdoing it.

Speaking of Richard Thompson (what a clever man he seems to be) I must direct my loyal reader to the Black Cab Sessions, where various artists perform in the back of a moving London taxi. What jolly fun! Look out for Seasick Steve on there too by the way; a truly spellbinding performance.

Anyway, BishWife’s birthday tomorrow so must go and write out her card. The MiniBishes will have to be awoken early to hand over her presents and cards. Bless them; when you stop getting excited about your own birthdays, they get excited on your behalf!


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