Google Chrome

October 11, 2008

Here’s some personal goodies and baddies about Google Chrome, a web browser. Like you should care what I think, because I’m such an expert. You can take issue with any of them but please read the postscript first.

Three things I like about Google Chrome

  1. The Omnibox – It’s way too hard to explain to your internet novice that if they want to search for something they have to type it into one box and if they know the address they type it into another. Chrome only has one box – problem solved.
  2. It’s Fast – Fast to load up and fast to render pages. I’m sure it will slow down as they start piling features in, but just now it’s greased lightning.
  3. Find scrollmarks – When you search for something on a page, not only does it highlight all the occurrences for you, but it also puts cute little orange bars across the vertical scrollbar so you can quickly scroll to the next occurrence. Sweet.
  4. Expandy text boxes – Let’s face it, most text boxes in web forms are too small. They seem to have been designed for tiny screens and now that we have huge ones it seems very painful to be typing a short essay into something only two or three lines deep. In Chrome, you can just grab the handle at the lower-right corner and drag it bigger. Yum.
  5. Sorry, that was four things, but I couldn’t leave out the expandy text boxes.

Three things I don’t like so much about Google Chrome

  1. Home page/new tab page – It’s a personal thing, but that page that pops up showing your nine most viewed pages when you open the browser or a new tab, plus recent bookmarks, is not a great use of screen space. Your classic bookmarks toolbar is much more information-dense. That said, it’s a great novice feature. Using the history as a guide to favourites, rather than trying to teach folk about bookmarks is neat. But for me – give me my bookmarks back.
  2. Bookmarks – Because of this preference for browsing history, bookmarks seems to be relegated to also-rans in the “Other bookmarks folder. They were mine! I took a lot of trouble to accumulate and organise them! Give me a bit of respect!
  3. Flakiness – on the whole it deals with most websites well, but on some sites establishing persistent connections, like online banking, it seems to have some problems moving around. I seem to get the “session timed out” message rather more often than I do in Firefox. Yes I could log a bug report. No I haven’t.

So? It’s been a good experience for me, especially given that it’s early days. I’ll be sticking around as it grows up.

Postscript: Believe it or not, other browsers are available . They have their own pros and cons which may coincide with some of the above. Feel free to have your own favourite.


One Response to “Google Chrome”

  1. touch me Says:

    Thanks mate. Awesome blog you got going on here. Got some extra links to link to which have more information?

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