Blogging from MS Word

August 13, 2008

I write this entry from MS Word 2007’s new “blog post” feature. I’ve recently had Office 2007 put on my machine at work as part of a general rollout this summer, and I must say I kind of like it. Yes, it’s a pain that all the menu options have moved around, but once you’ve found your feet with it, it works pretty well. I know there is, as ever, a whole load of new features that I will never try out, but at least blogging won’t be one of them now.

I have used the very excellent Windows Live Writer from home before now, but I can’t load that at work because it seems to come from the Windows Update site, and we have our own update server here at the Uni which doesn’t seem to include it. The cool thing about that program is that it applies the style of your blog as you write; this MS Word thing is a poor relation in that respect, but otherwise you have a lot of Word features at our disposal which can’t be bad.

All I need now is something to say.


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