Shiny, shiny screens

May 13, 2008

What’s the deal with "glossy" screens making a comeback? It seems like only ten or fifteen years ago we were welcoming anti-glare coated screens with open arms because you could see something on the display other than a reflection of your shirtfront shining back at you. (Hoorah for optical brighteners!)

And does anyone else remember all the fluorescent light fittings in offices changing to those downlighter things so that screens didn’t reflect all the tubes?

Well it was all for naught, because I popped into my local computer retail store the other day to find all the "premium" laptops equipped with highly polished displays. Not only that, but Apple and Dell (see links above) are at it too. Tsk, tsk. Must be the fashion I suppose.

I wonder if it’s time to dig out those old bell-bottom flares yet?


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