SITS:Vision 8.1.0

February 25, 2008

Upgraded one of the test systems at the university to SITS:Vision version 8.1.0 last week. New Uniface (9.0) and everything. It seems ages since we had a look and feel update and this release certainly has a nice fresh appearance about it, especially the tree-style menu (which no-one but me uses here it seems). Favourites and everything, Windows-y toolbar buttons. We won’t know ourselves!

There were one or two gaps in the upgrade documentation – must report those – where it fails to convey which version of Uniface needs to be running where, and when, during the upgrade, and I still have one outstanding call  about the server info facility not being able to find some basic Unix commands like “id” and “uname”, but on the whole it was a lot less painful that the last Uniface upgrade, so progress is certainly being made.

Come on you SITS/Tribal folks. We’re liking what you do.


One Response to “SITS:Vision 8.1.0”

  1. Bob Says:

    Your comments about SITS, and how good it is, is based upon your work, on the IT side. But what is it like for the USERS?

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