Birthday time again

February 8, 2008

BishWife and I both had birthdays last week. It’s jolly convenient having them so close together as it’s virtually impossible for us to forget each other’s.

My thanks of course go to those who gave cards and pressies to mark the occasion, and those who were able to pay a visit to Bish Towers and share a spot of lunch. I took the day of BishWife’s birthday off, and we spent the day in town mooching around eating and drinking before it was time to pick up the MiniBishes from school. Bless them, I do think they enjoy our birthdays even more than we do!

My main present this year is a trip (with the family, natch) to the local planetarium. Yes, we have one. As I write this I am willing an Oracle upgrade to finish in double-quick time so that I can leave and rush off to get home in time to eat before we go. Apparently the presentation will be about moons of the solar system – sounds intriguing.

More to follow after the event.

Come on, come on, upgrade your Java Packages, darn you!


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