They can’t know. Can they?

November 23, 2007

It would be easy to become insecure faced with the tide of penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction remedies that flood into my inbox every day despite the attempts of spam filters to keep them at bay. I just have to keep reminding myself that spammers simply acquire lists of email addresses from random sources, and that their campaigns are not carefully targeted.

Having said that, I don’t get significant amounts of spam about breast enlargement, which means one of two things.:

  1. The mailing lists are presumed from their source to be predominantly male oriented. Rightly or wrongly, if they are from a technical bulletin board, for example, they might be thought to be composed mostly of men.
  2. There is no room for snake-oil around breast enlargement any more. When you can open any newspaper, phone directory  or magazine and find expensive adverts for surgical procedures, why would you prefer to trust an unsolicited email that tells you a herbal pill is the thing for you?

I much prefer to believe the second option. The spammer blasts out as many messages as possible in the hope that some will reach those unfortunate charlies who think that if penis enlargement were really possible by taking a pill it wouldn’t make the front page of every tabloid newspaper and be the talk of the western world. That’s right Charlie, there really is a successful tablet but nobody’s talking about it except spammers.

Anyway it’s amusing to see just how many ways there are of saying the same thing. I’m ashamed to have spent as much time thinking about this as I already have, but if I weren’t it would be entertaining to see all the subject lines collected into a list. I’m sure someone’s already done it.

And if you’re female and thinking of commenting “Ha, now you men know what us women have been facing over our body image since time immemorial!”, then go ahead. You’re probably right.

And if you’re either gender and thinking “No smoke without fire!”, then kindly keep your smutty thoughts to yourself.


One Response to “They can’t know. Can they?”

  1. rob Says:

    well, what aren’t there 40 to 50 spam emails a day flooding women’s (errr..sorry) inboxes talking about cave-like vaginas and s0 forth. oh, right. because they would just ignore it.

    i do have to say i wonder about the impact of being told, 40 plus times a day, that one’s penis is abhorrent and insignificant. i mean, i don’t think about my penis THAT much. but someone wants me to.

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