Men in the Moon

September 24, 2007

Apparently British scientists are recommending that we (Britain) send men (or possibly women) to the moon. It seems that after the initial excitement of getting there, everyone kind of gave up because it was, er, rather dull there. No atmosphere.

I’ve an idea. Why don’t we save up and hold the next G8 summit on the moon? These people are, after all, making some pretty big decisions about the future of our planet for us. What better than to do that from a place where you can actually see the whole planet and its place in the universe? Tell me that won’t make a difference to their perspective.


2 Responses to “Men in the Moon”

  1. Quite Adept Says:

    Not very Eco-friendly though is it, sending a load of blokes plus Angela Merkel to the moon? Hopefully they would adhere to the picnic area maxim of ‘Please take your rubbish home with you’.

    No space for any media types on the rocket either, so they’d have to do their own reporting. Knowing politicians they’d probably just say what they thought people wanted to hear!

  2. […] No evidence of a G8 summit taking place on any of the moons in our solar system I’m sorry to say. Posted by […]

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