Canvastastic 3

July 25, 2007

I see from my last posting that we had just tested out the new tent when you and I last communicated, gentle reader. You and I have a lot of catching up to do, but here’s a start.

It is cold at night in a tent; that’s the long and the short of it. Luckily, having picked  local spot for our first outing we were able to despatch a rider quickly for extra blankets on the second night.

 Also, sleeping bags are horrible. We tallish people simply cannot turn over in them because turning over involves bending the knees, which then makes the bag taut across your legs which and brings the whole shebang over with you as you turn, except your blankets which roll off onto the floor.

 Also, leaky airbeds don’t help. My turning-over technique involves lifting the derriere by pressing down the shoulders and lower legs. In a leaky airbed this simply squashes those portions down and pushes the middle section up, keeping the unwanted contact and rendering the move highly ineffective, not to say comical.

Also, people are blinking noisy through the walls of a tent, and someone snoring on the other side of the campsite can wake one up if one is not sleeping terribly soundly anyway. Bah.

Anyway, that aside it all went very well really. I think we now have some ideas about things we’d need for a longer trip, and chief among them is chairs. You really miss sitting in a chair very quickly when you don’t have one. The MiniBishes enjoyed themselves though, and slept like logs of course while we grown-ups froze and struggled and cursed through the long watches of the night.

So now we just need some time off (hah!) and a campsite not too far away to try our hands. And a roof-box or a trailer for the car to carry everything in. And a stove. And a book to read, must take a book. And lots of blankets. And a patch for my airbed.

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