Canvastastic 2

July 3, 2007

So we erected the new tent in the back garden at the weekend and blinking blimey it’s big. Took up the whole lawn.

It’s got those bendy poles which go together like drain rods or a chimney sweep’s brush, but because they go right over the tent and touch the ground both sides they’re enormous when stuck together, practically touching the fences on both sides of the garden. But at least there’s a lot of room inside, even I can stand upright in there without taking my hat off.

The MiniBishes are naturally very excited at the prospect of sleeping in a tent. BishWife has been out to buy sleeping bags, and the BishInLaws have lent us some essentials for the trip: portable toilet, light, stove, kettle, you know the stuff.

Not long now. Wish me luck.


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