June 27, 2007

Bish Towers has invested in a tent to increase our time-away-from-home quotient. Perfect for those long summer holidays and weekends once the flood waters have receded.

It’s a long time since we’ve been camping, and we haven’t much of a clue about buying tents, but being modern, with-it kind of people we trusted in the power of the interweb, and lo, there arrived today an Outwell Sun Valley 6. It is currently sitting next to me as I type, in a formidably large bag, daring us to open it and erect it in the garden.

Next weekend, as luck would have it, we are engaged to attend the Sompting Village Morris Ale which promises to be a lark, and this will be the first outing for the tent. There is much to be done of course and much yet to procure (some sleeping bags would be useful), but the Ale will provide food so no immediate necessity to worry about cooking and all that.

Of course the danger with camping is always in trying to make it too much like home. It remains to be seen if we can avoid taking the entire contents of the kitchen with us, and settle for humbler catering.

Bish values your camping hints and tips, so please leave a comment as long as it is not pushing Viagra or some such nonsense (over 200 in that vein yesterday, thank goodness for Akismet, it really is very good).


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