Blokey smoke 2

June 26, 2007

dsc01140.jpgSo against the odds MiniBish1 and I got out of bed in time and high-tailed it to the station to see the steam train come through, and come through it did – right on time. Quite a few other anoraks were present too setting up video cameras and the like, so the steam grapevine obviously still runs true. There’s a slight curve to the track where we are so we could hear the engine approaching before we could see it. The first intimation was the steam whistle as the train crossed the level crossing at the main station where it had stopped to pick up passengers, then the distinctive noise of the engine, chuff-chuffing towards us until it appeared round the bend.

Not all the people on the station were there just to see the Lord Nelson, and there were a few surprised and delighted cries from “normal” passengers as it hove into view, especially the parents of small children. Magic. It must have been wonderful to see those faces from up on the footplate there. The train was on a tour to Bath and Bristol run by the Railway Touring Company.

MiniBish1 insisted on managing the camera, so we got the picture attached this posting, which has a certain charm about it.


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