Splitting fares again

May 29, 2007

Finally, proof that Frightful Bish is an influential blog, read by those in power in the railway networks.

A while back, when blogging was a new and exciting activity for me I wrote of the problems of splitting trains and how passengers were to know which part of a train they were in. Well, thanks to Bish, you need fret no more.

On my way up to London on Sunday I perceived that an upgrade to the on-train information system now allows the screens and announcements to inform the travelling public how many coaches form the train and which coach they are in. The novelty was wearing off by the time I reached home, I must confess, having had it announced to me several dozen times in a stuttering voice: “Thi..i..i..i..s…co..o..o..oach..ch…thre..e..e..ee… of..f…fo..o..o..our”, but I’m sure that’s just a teething problem.

Even better, I can vouch that it works when the trains join and change direction too, although I guess the upgrade is still rolling out across the fleet as at one point the message disappeared entirely after an extra train was attached. Still, a step in the right direction.

Next problem to solve: as a train approaches a station, the list of stops disappears to be replaced by “The next station is Wherever”. We demand that this alternates with the list of stops, so that we know whether to stay on the train or whether we should change at Wherever for a train to our destination.

I’m sure they’ll be working on it as soon as they read this.


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