Lord of the dance

May 1, 2007

Cracking start to the Morris dancing season. BishWife went out on the Sompting Village Morris ladies Cream Tea Tour last Saturday and limped home with sprained ankle which is now showing a fine spectrum of black and blue. Not only that but on Sunday she came down with a stomach bug, doubtless brought on by a surfeit of cream tea.

There was no peace for the wicked though, as MiniBish1 had to turn out for his cub pack’s contribution to the St George’s Day Parade, and we all went along to cheer them on. Being the centenary of Scouting for Boys it was quite a big do with a lot of groups joining in, so quite an impressive parade with two marching bands making a splendid noise. It was a very hot afternoon so we were a bit worried about MiniBish wilting before the end, but of course he was fine in the event. Even participated in a little St George’s Day skit with the pack which, sadly, we couldn’t see as it was done in front of the other Scouts inside a theatre with no room for parents. Roll on the separate local parades again next year.

MiniBish2 is in the process of losing her two upper front teeth for that cute gappy look. One is refusing to come out and has been hanging by a string for days now, yet she still crunches happily though apples and crusty bread without a pause. Remarkable.

Bank holiday coming up, and we were to go on the Morris Mayday Tour, but with BishWife hobbling around on sticks we will have to forego the pleasure. MiniBish2 has a horse-riding lesson anyway so that will give us something to do, and we still mean to procure a tent so that we can try a couple of camping episodes this year. Any tips for camping with kids welcome (except “Don’t do it!” – that’s not an option).


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