May 1, 2007

Bish Towers has just embarked on its first Freecycling adventure.

Freecycle is a system based on Yahoo! groups for matching stuff you don’t want with local people who do want it or, conversley, for finding stuff you don’t want from local people who don’t want it. Like classified ads but everything has to be free, and the buyer collects.

If I were more business-minded I would sell stuff online instead, but Freecycle has advantages. First, for bulky stuff that’s awkward or expensive to post, it’s jolly convenient to have someone local just come and take it away. Second, it’s slightly greener as the stuff isn’t being driven or flown around the country or even the world. The groups are very local for just that reason.

When we first moved into this house it seemed huge and I wondered how we were going to get enough furniture to fill it. I had reckoned without Ikea. Now I can’t even get into the garden shed as stuff is piled up right to the door. If I want to go out on my bike, should chance allow, it’s a twenty minute job to excavate it from under the old clutter and get it anywhere near a road. Hence our first Freecycling venture is to get rid of the old cycle seats that the children have long since grown out of, and which have found a home on top of my bike.

It was surprisingly scary posting an ad for the first time; I felt sure I must have violated some netiquette or other. However, it seemed ok and we had half a dozen responses within 24 hours of posting. We’ve contacted the first two correspondents and invited them to pick up the stuff tomorrow afternoon. I hope they don’t turn up in urban 4x4s to collect! If all goes well I’ll start picking on some more stuff to send out into the wild, and yes, for smaller items I’ll probably have a crack at ebay too.

Less is more. Vive l’espace.


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