More guns mean fewer deaths

April 18, 2007

Following the dreadful mass shootings at Virginia Tech, it astonishes innocent Brits such as myself to hear American meeja commentators suggesting that these things keep happening because there aren’t enough guns on campus.

If all the students were allowed to be armed, they argue, rogue gunmen would be less likely to take potshots at them, presumably for fear of retaliation. I can only suppose they believe that this would be the case even if the gunman intends to take his own life anyway.

It sounds like a counsel of despair.

I think this was a Ben Elton observation: “You only need one question on the application form for a gun licence: ‘Do you want to own a gun?’. Anyone who answers ‘yes’ is clearly unsuitable to own one.”


One Response to “More guns mean fewer deaths”

  1. Oscarandre Says:

    It is very difficult to get into the American mindset on this issue, I find. To those of us who come from cultures where the ownership of a gun is rare, it is hard to explain comments such as the one you quoted. I think the most scary thing about the whole situation is the amount of effective political pressure that one very well heeled and organised group of extremists can bring to bear on a democratically elected govt.

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