Peddling power

February 19, 2007

I understand that many people go to gymnasiums (gymnasia?) to keep, or get, fit. These are rooms filled with machines which you pedal, row, walk or run on in order to excercise the muscles.

But how many of these machines are equipped with micro-generators which can make electricity and feed it back in to the National Grid? Surely here, if anywhere, is a cheap source of renewable energy? At least it might power the TV’s they watch while they do it.


4 Responses to “Peddling power”

  1. danlewer Says:

    I absolutely agree! I’ve thought this for some time. And (this might be controversial) why don’t we make going to ‘generation gyms’ a requirement for Job Seekers’ Allowance? (This is the UK’s benefit for unemployed people)

  2. Well, there are probably enough people doing it willingly already without needing any form of compulsion, but I take your point.

    Funny isn’t it? Often one has these silly ideas and laughs roundly at the absurdity of them, only to find later that someone has made a fortune out of implementing them.

    Should we patent a mechanism now I wonder?

  3. Aunty Claire Says:

    Sorry, someone’s already thought of it. I saw an advert for a company who could come and fit all sorts of gym equipment into your home which generates your electricity for you.

  4. Dan Says:

    Well I am saying that we should have workout gyms all over the place!

    Why are we just hanging round on public transport, for example, when we could be sitting and peddling?

    Why are we wasting our time sitting sedentary at our office desks?

    This could be the new biofuels revolution, with human beings as the generators!

    The benefits are manifold.

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