A plague on our house

February 7, 2007

Both MiniBishes have been poorly with some nasty virus thing over the last two weeks. It gave them high fevers and aches in the head and tummy. Much Calpol and Calprofen has been consumed – what a godsend that stuff is – and both are now well on the mend, although still not firing on all cylinders yet. BishWife at least is glad that they are back at school as she has been like a caged animal for the duration! Much sherry has also been consumed.

Speaking of BishWife, I’m pleased that she is now feeling sufficiently herself to be back practicing her Morris dancing this year. Check out the SVM link in my blogroll to see what goes on in the backwoods of Sussex on summer evenings. BishWife’s birthday was yesterday: I gave her tickets for her and a friend to see The Alchemist at the theatre, a rare evening out. If she decides to take me as her friend, I’ll post a review here after March 3rd, when it takes place.

Myself, I’m going crazy with all this job evaluation stuff at work. It seems to be an interminable job to revise our job description in line with what we actually do, and I’m not sure that the committee approach we’re taking is really making the best job of it, although we can at least say that everyone had an input. What with all the supporting information too, this has soaked up an incredible amount of scarce time. I hope it’s all worth it.

Also I’ve been practising “The Bare Necessities” on the uke but the fingering falls really awkwardly so it’s a bit of a struggle – not like “If I Were a Rich Man”, or even better “Good King Wenceslas” where the tunes practically play themselves. Nice sound though, and the MiniBishes like the song.

More snow expected in the morning. Fingers crossed.


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