One small step for a man

January 15, 2007

Some of you may have residual concerns over a post I made a while back concerning some fault in the car which was permitting water ingress and resulting in little splashy pools in the driver’s side footwells.

Well, fret no more! Thanks to the magic of the interweb I have found and rectified the source of the leak. Yea verily, the sunroof tray draineth into the pillars and the pillars draineth into the sills and the sills draineth onto the road, at least they do until the drain holes become blocked. When that happens the water level riseth until it leaketh into the car via the various fastener holes along the interior wall of the sill.

Having purchased a packet of pipe cleaners (proper tapered absorbent ones mind, £2.50 the hundred, not your nylon craft types) I spent a couple of satisfying minutes listening to a pint of water soaking into the concrete of the driveway. Those holes are so tiny and so invisible, it’s a James Herriot moment groping with your arm under the car trying to feel where it is though. And yes, you really can hear water soaking into concrete if the morning is quiet enough. Of course we still want to replace the car as lots of other bits are starting to drop off, but it might be worth more to someone else if they don’t have to toss up to sit in the shallow end.

Meanwhile today at work we have all been sitting in a room revising our job descriptions. My, what a mind-numbing task that is. Things have come to a pretty pass when one actually looks forward to getting back to extracting fifteen year old data from an obsolete Vax/VMS machine as light relief, but job descriptions can do that for you let me tell you. This is all to feed into the Great Degrading Regrading Exercise where we all have to have our jobs evaluated to see where we fit on the new pay spine. No I can’t say more: I’m bored writing this so goodness knows what it’s like reading it.

At the weekend we visited Drusilla’s Park, a sort of mini zoo cum adventure playground. This was a treat for MiniBish1 as he had filled up his star chart with good deeds, or at least an absence of bad deeds. Lots of fun things for children to do: interesting animals; quite nice settings; reasonably well-kept, clean/tidy; lots of play stuff; train rides; friendly staff, etc. My favourite was the bat room I think. Rarely having seen a bat, it was strange to be in room full of them hanging off trees with no glass or wire between us and them. Could almost reach out and touch.

And best of all was the news that the infamous Beddingham level crossing is at last to be replaced with a bridge! Lots of earth-scraping is already in evidence. I wonder what it will look like? There are so many beautiful bridges now, but I fear this may just be concrete lump. I nearly sent for the visual simulation CD from the Highways Agency, but on balance left it to be a surprise.

Mmm, civil engineering. Big machines. I wonder if they’d like to buy 96 pipe cleaners in case it rains?


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