Merry Christmas to my reader

December 20, 2006

As I dished out the address of this blog to a few people on Christmas cards, I thought it would be friendly to offer a season’s greeting. So there it is: welcome one and, er, one.

So what’s the news in the world of Frightful Bish? Well, Christmas speaks for itself of course. Preparations are well under way and the MiniBishes school finally broke up for the holidays today. Just as well too, as they were just about at their raggedy end and will be glad of the rest. BishWife will like not having to get up a the crack of dawn to make packed lunches too.

At work we have been interviewing again today for a post in Network Services. I still don’t like doing it. Everyone seems so nice and often they really appear to deserve a job, but there’s only one post vacant: what can we do? Ugh. Dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

And for the New Year we have to rewrite everyone’s job description so that we can all be evaluated to see where we fit into the new HE grade structure. This seems like an exercise that can only bring pain and grief. We can be pretty sure that no-one will be elevated in grading terms, so at best people will be no worse off than before (disregarding the stress of regrading), and at worst they will be, literally, degraded. It will ruffle feathers and spread discontent, and I wish we didn’t have to do it.

Still, Christmas to get through first and that will be nice. We’ll all have week to recharge and get back in touch with one another. Gift-stress aside it will be nice to see the family. And there’s the faces of the MiniBishes to look forward to when they find that Father Christmas has filled their stockings for another year. That’s an unmissable moment.

BishBruv3 has his 40th birthday shortly after Christmas and he is organising a bash at a local(ish) hostelry. He is gifted in so many arty ways (graphic design, music, theatre) that it could make one sick if he were not such a nice bloke with it.

But all in all I have been so blessed that I can hardly begrudge anyone anything. I know I moan on (see above…) from time to time, but really, in all the important ways, I could not wish for more.

So what do I want for Christmas? Time to enjoy it all. And it looks as though I’ll even get that.

Peace be with you gentle reader.


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