Tis the season

December 15, 2006

This week I have been mostly going to nativity plays.

For MiniBish1, this will be his last as he moves up to middle school next year. He was a shepherd this year and had a load of songs to learn, but coped really well. He also had an evening performance after school yesterday which was pretty exciting! Apparently they were all given glow-sticks to wave about at the end and take home. Nice touch.

There was a crisis with MiniBish2 as she was running a fever on the day of her first performance and so couldn’t go. Luckily she was well enough to make the second take and I hastily re-arranged my leave so we were able to go. Brilliant stuff.

All the grandparents managed to attend at least one of the plays, and it was damp tissues all around of course. And not just with tears either: with about two hundred people in the hall it was so hot by the end that we were all beaded with perspiration and the children were red in the face and fanning themselves with whatever came to hand. Father-in-law calculated the people present had a heat output of about 20kW altogether. Well stifling.

The other problem was taking photos. For some reason the school don’t have the performances filmed or photographed so everyone is trying to take pictures themselves. The audience is asked (reasonably) not to take flash photos during the performance, but to leave it until the end. Of course it was so hot by then the children were hastened away for a cool drink, so no pictures. Not good. Why they don’t get a photographer in I don’t know. It would give the parents time to enjoy the show apart from anything else, instead of worrying about when and how to get a picture of the top of little Johnny’s head. I hate that pressure.

The rest of yesterday was spent at the shops looking for Christmas presents. I got a few, which isn’t too bad for me on a first attempt. Buying for adults is no fun though. Humbug. Must rant more about Christmas shopping another time.

Out to dinner tonight with my chums who used to run the mobile disco with me years ago in another life. Goodness knows what we’ll find to talk about. Middle-aged things I expect: children, mortgages, jobs, cars de-dah, de-dah. It’ll be good to have a night out though. I can’t remember the last time BishWife and I got out for a meal without the Minis. Muchos kudos to the in-laws for sitting them while we’re away. Thanks folks!


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