Christmas cards

December 15, 2006

Recently had an (electronic) Christmas card from Tribal at work. All postage saved goes to their charitable foundation. Even that idea is starting to irritate me now, I must really be becoming a grumpy old git.

I’ll send you an email message telling you that I’m not going to send you a Christmas card this year and I’ve smugly given 20 pence to eliminate world hunger. What? You send us an actual card through the post?! You heartless beast, don’t you care about the starving millions?? Oh, it was a charity card was it? Well that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The charity probably only gets a penny or two for each card and anyway they probably squander it on administration so the so-called beneficiaries will be dying while you stuff your face with sprouts. What do you mean you printed the email card and hung it up in the office!? Don’t you realise that all the energy and resources you used to do that are making things even worse for the third world? Here we are trying to help and you’re bent on a killing spree. You’re off the list for next year. And don’t think even think of sending a goat to Africa on our behalf. You know they’re turning good agricultural land into a dustbowl over there don’t you? You really are beyond the pale.

Happy Christmas. Whatever. I’m sure it’s all very well-intentioned (please give generously), but Christmas is getting more complicated the older I get.

Tribal’s e-card was based on the winning design from a competition they ran in primary schools. I thought I’d reciprocate by sending a university Christmas card to the winning designer since her since her name and school were on the “card” so I did, care of the Head Teacher. This could go one of two ways: either they’ll think its a really nice gesture (which is the intended result), and look up Brighton in the classroom and spend some time talking about the seaside and what a university is and how nice it is to see the end result of the competition; or I’ll have the vice squad down on me for making inappropriate advances to minors

I shall judge the state of the country by the outcome.


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