December 10, 2006

Extract from a game of Pictionary with Minibish2:

MB2 (picking a People, Place, or Animal clue): Dad, how do you spell death?

FB: D-E-A-T-H.

MB2: Oh good.


MB2: Dad, what’s a valley?

FB: Er, it’s sort of the dip between two hills.

MB2: Oh, yes, yes, I know.

<Pause: sketching. She finishes.>

FB: Is it Death Valley?

MB2: Yes!

FB: You’re very good at drawing.

Children are great aren’t they?

Also, MiniBish1 made a most fantastic cat out of multi-coloured Geomag. Of course it can’t be dismantled and put away now for a few days because it has become imbued with personality. He has already taken photos of it so that it can be recorded for posterity. Interesting that he will still choose to construct animals rather than tanks or guns (he made a bat and various dinosaurs from the left over bits too). The Geomag personality test. I still favour regular geometric shapes over representational models myself. I also recommend keeping it well away from your computer. DON’T PUT THAT ON THERE!


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