New Adobe Reader 8.0

December 8, 2006

When I saw that Adobe Reader 8.0 had been released I was quite looking forward to downloading it and trying it out. I understand they’ve done a lot of work on it to make it more pleasant to use.

Imagine my horror then, gentle reader, when I downloaded (28Mb of) it only to find that it apparently wanted to install some Photo Album thingy instead. You the user have to figure out to cancel the install of this unsolicited application, whereupon it commences an install of the thing you wanted in the first place.

I know I shouldn’t post entries here when I’m annoyed, but I really object to this kind of hijacking, especially when a company of Adobe’s stature indulges in it. You can offer to install other products by all means, but don’t a) force people to spend time downloading stuff they didn’t ask for, and b) install it before the thing they actually want. Rude, rude, rude.

That must be so confusing for your average computer user. I want to put a “Get Adobe Reader 8.0” link on the pre-school website for folks to look at the Ofsted report, but how shall I explain these underhand marketing tactics to them? (How long before we see touted in the press “Adobe Photo Album is #1 download for photo management”? Of course it is, but 90% of people didn’t want it!)

Boo hiss to Adobe for doing this and spoiling my enjoyment of their new product.


2 Responses to “New Adobe Reader 8.0”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When you download the installer from , you simply have to uncheck “Also download: Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition”, and you’ll only get the 20 MB Reader installer.

  2. Fair comment. Now you point it out I can see the box there, and I’ll include a note with my link to warn users to uncheck the box.

    I stand by the comment though. Why have the box ticked by default? How many people wanting Adobe Reader will also want the Adobe Photoshop Album thingyummy? The site seems to assume it is most of them, since those that don’t will have to take a positive action to reject it, whereas I would think it’s very few of them, in which case it is reasonable to ask them to check a box to request it.

    Still think there’s some gaming going on there.

    I’ve spent a little more time with 8.0 now and I do like it. It seems much less cluttered and more modern looking than 7.0 for basic reading tasks. Just respect the users and sell give it away honestly.

    Anyway, I changed my link and added some text to warn downloaders.

    Thanks for the comment whoever you are!

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