Nature board

November 30, 2006

Bless his little heart, MiniBish1 has decided to create a “Nature Board”. This project involves collecting small bits of nature from around the garden (leaves, flowers, feathers, etc.) and nailing them to a plank. A bit like a more robust version of those old Victorian butterfly collections. It’s quite sparse as yet, but we’re hoping that it will build up in time to a complete record of the local flora. Hopefully it won’t involve any fauna, but those rabbits had better be on their best behaviour.

One snag (literally) is that the nails are slightly longer than the plank is thick, so as it stands in the kitchen it catches everyone’s clothes as they walk by. Such is the price of scientific endeavour.

How fantastic it was, was it not, when your Dad first allowed you to use a hammer and nails, and what satisfaction driving the shiny nails into a scrap of wood. Simple pleasures!

I mentioned the fireplace removal the other day. This duly happened, and indeed was easier than anticipated as the surround had never actually been fixed to the wall. Apparently it just fell off with a little gentle prising. So now there is a big hole in the wall and all we need to do is to decide what to put in it. BishWife has procured a fire basket at modest cost to fill the space for now, but I guess we should get chimney swept and checked before starting any serious conflagrations in it.

Anyone got Dick Van Dyke’s phone number?


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