Genesis reunion

November 8, 2006

Excellent to hear on various news channels that Genesis are planning to tour again in 2007. Surely it can’t be a coincidence that the announcement comes hot on the heels of legislation banning age discrimination in the workplace?

I was a bit of an obsessive Genesis fan in my formative years, though I’ve been clean for some time now after being prescribed large doses of Talking Heads as an antidote. From there it was a small step to a more balanced diet of eighties singles, Radio 4 and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

I do remember seeing a re-formed Genesis once before. Stop me if you get misty-eyed, but this was the benefit concert they did for Peter Gabriel who had just bankrupted himself starting WOMAD. Ah yes, Phil Collins back behind the drumkit, PG singing and even Steve Hackett turned up at the end. Those were the days.

Funny gig though, bit like a half-day festival. It was at Milton Keynes Bowl and, guess what, it rained all day so the place was a sea of mud by the end and we were all very wet and cold. But did we care? Well, yes actually. There was support from John Martin (who he?) and Talk Talk (they went down well – not!) and some other band whose name escapes me.

While I’m undergoing the rosy (after)glow of nostalgia perhaps I should give one of the old albums a spin. Sadly I find most of them too cringeworthy to put on now, but if I had to pick a favourite I think it would have to be Selling England by the Pound, but leaving out that nonsense about the Battle of Epping Forest. What were they thinking? Close second, And then There Were Three…, that opening note takes me straight back to my teenage bedroom, not that I’d want to stay in there long.

So will I go to one of the new shows? Er, no thanks. They might not be too old, but I sure am.

Must go now, supper’s ready.


2 Responses to “Genesis reunion”

  1. Derek Says:

    Hi Bish, yes – someone is reading your website! I think many of us of a certain age hold a secret warm place in hearts for those dinosaurs of prog-rock, be they Genesis, or ELP, or Led Zeppelin, or even Yes! A mutual friend of ours (guess who) has absolutely no shame in admitting to still owning and still listening to some of these lost masterpieces. I have myself been buying up some re-released Pink Floyd, but I will only allow myself to get the pre Dark Side of the Moon albums, as they retain a certain amount of street cred. When will I free myself from the fear of peer judgement sufficiently to have a run through Five Bridges by The Nice, or any album by Rick Wakeman. I think there is a certain kudos to be had in being able to name prog-rock classics that were little known at the time, like Caravan’s The Land of Grey and Pink.

    Interesting that you mention John Martyn as the unknown support at the Milton Keynes Bowl, as he was touched with greatness if not much success. See the album Solid Air as evidence of his stature, I think he’s gone off a bit recently. Both bands are strange choices for such a high profile concert, I remember a JM concert at Leicester Uni where you couldn’t breathe for the cannabis fumes and the entire audience were prostrate on the auditorium floor, jeering anyone who attempted to stand up or move. Talk Talk have also some great music to their name, but it’s the kind of stuff you appreciate with headphones on while you’re going to sleep – see The Spirit of Eden.

    I think you should go to the concert, but you may have to go alone – no-one else would admit to wanting to, you may bump into them wearing a false moustache and sunglasses.

  2. Stephen Says:

    I may be that person … and I am shameless in my acknowledgment that not only do I own these albums but actually listen to them as well! Not only that, but about 1 year ago I bought “In the Land of Grey and Pink”. And what’s more I’ve listened to it many times and enjoy it. It’s outrageous.

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