Busy busy busy

November 6, 2006

What a weekend!

Fireworks party at home on Friday for the children. MiniBish1 was brave enough to light his own, but MiniBish2 delegated responsibility for most of hers. Late to bed of course.

Saturday turned out fine, so off to Fishers Farm Park for the day. This is a rather nice smallish-scale ex(?) farm with lots of attractions for the children. You know the sort of thing, very British: swingboats, climbing frames, sandpit, play fort, slides, pony rides, tractor rides, climbing wall, crazy golf. Very nicely done though; above average.

Dashed back home in time for me to abandon the family and drive over to Brighton to take in Slava’s Snow Show at the Theatre Royal. Indescribable, but visually stunning and very unusual. East European clowns show what they can do when they are not just filling time between the trapeze and the elephants. Went with all my brothers and my dear old mum, most of whom hated it, but I enjoyed it. Mind you I don’t get out much. Should you go and see it? Yes.

Sunday: The dishwasher has nearly set the house on fire by melting its mains plug and a large part of the socket. Replacing the plug is easy enough, but have to dismantle half the kitchen to replace the socket (ssh, don’t tell the electrician’s union). While I’m doing this and BishWife is bathing the children, a ferret appears in the garden and it’s all stop whilst it is coaxed into the cat carry-basket and returned (on an inspired guess) to its owners who have recently moved in a couple of doors down the road. everyone back to their activities until it turns up again five minutes later wondering if there’s any more cat food going.

Pulling the dishwasher out to replce the electrics has fractured the perished drain hose so now ned to get anew one of those. Drat.

After lunch, off up to mum’s for fireworks up there. Good old Guy Fawkes! It would have been my dad’s seventieth birthday on November 2nd had he lived to see it, so it is an excuse to see the rest of the family. Dad’s sister Stella and her husband Adrian come too, which is nice. We don’t get to see them enough as they are a long drive away near Slough. My brother Tim has had some old cine films trasferred to DVD and we nostalge a bit over those while the MiniBishes play beautifully together. Happy days.

Dash back home, put MiniBishes to bed, then tackle ironing and (sigh) washing up.

Monday morning, another ferret arrives in the garden.

In case you were consumed with curiosity, the pre-school AGM passes off extremely well. Philip Bujak, Chief Exec of Montessori St Nicholas Foundation/Charity/Association gave a very interesting talk about introducing Montessori at Gorton Mount School. I’ll try and blog more on this later, but he was very complimentary (or diplomatic) about how the school as being managed, which was gratifying.

Glad to get back to work for a rest.

Update: I forgot to mention that the car has sprung a leak too, so there has for some time been a paddling pool in the back. Before we set off on Saturday I spent an hour repeatedly treading an old towel into the carpet and wringing it out into the garden. It seems much better, but I guess next time it rains it will fill up again. Really the vehicle is past its sell-by date so we should sell it and get another, and we will when we have time and can agree what to get. Mini Cooper maybe? I think not.


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