October 17, 2006

Couple of other things from Hessle.

First, unaccustomed as I am to venturing out of the hotel for dinner, this time I did try another eatery (just) within walking distance. With a little ingenuity, down on the foreshore you can find the San Luca Italian restaurant. If you do find it, I can highly recommend the Risotto Caprino, and tomato and rosemary risotto with creamy goat’s cheese topping. Yum. With a little focaccia and a glass of something to help it down, what could be nicer?

Actually I’m constantly surprised at how busy the restaurants are in Hessle. I’m normally there midweek and, as I said, usually stay and eat at the Brewer’s Fayre, but it’s always busy; and not just with business people and travellers eating on their own, but with families and parties and couples. San Luca was the same, quite buzzing by the time I left, and all on a Tuesday night. Very gratifying.

Secondly, I was sorry to learn that James Wong is to leave Tribal to pursue “other interests”. James was instrumental in creating SITS:Vision along with Keith Bolton and Bryn Jones who also left recently after selling the company to Tribal. The thing about James was that he was (is) a really nice bloke as well as knowing what he’s talking about. Always so friendly and interested in what was going on, and not pushy but laid back and easy going. Worse still, I hear his father has been taken ill and James has gone across to Hong Kong to be with him, and maybe bring him back to the UK. I send best wishes to all the family, and hope to see James again before he leaves.

Speaking of dads, it would have been my dad’s seventieth birthday on November 2nd, so we’re trying to get a family get-together organised for the weekend to mark the occasion. I think we may be taking the MiniBishes up to mum’s with a box of fireworks for entertainment. Hussah!

Finally, we did all (BishWife, the MiniBishes and I) attend the dreaded Beaver sleepover last weekend. Actually it was not half bad, considering there were thirty children to be entertained, fed and put to bed and sleep. By jove though, sleeping bags on top of air beds are a frightfully uncomfortable combination to sleep in/on. I think next time I’ll go for the little foam mat I used to use for camping. Luckily our family had a private room on account of MiniBish2 (who is the Beaver amongst us) being so young and the chaos in the dormitory being so extreme, so we all slept ok.

The children made their own bread for breakfast, and did a couple of other craft activities. They had chicken tortillas and pasta (!) for tea and hot chocolate with their stories round the (electric) campfire before bed. I think most of them had drifted of into a troubled doze by just after midnight, and many slept through until five in the morning. Apparently this is not a bad record. The adult helpers were forced to sit round and consume beer and crisps until the last child was asleep. Nightmare.

Funny thing was that having got up, dresses, breakfasted everyone, tidied up the hall, packed and returned home on Sunday, it was still only about nine thirty in the morning. Sunday just seemed to go on forever, though we were all too tired to do anything much. I did clean the inside of the car though, so I don’t feel too guilty.

And you can’t make me.


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