The AGM Cometh

October 2, 2006

The pre-school Annual General Meeting is now a month away and the tension is mounting.

At the weekend I finalised all the paperwork that goes out to the members, and today printed a master copy that we’ll duplicate the packs from. Life really doesn’t get any more exciting that this!

Actually it should be an interesting meeting as there are a few unusual bits and bobs this year. First, Philip Bujak, Chief Exec of the Montessori St Nicholas Charity, has agreed to speak, and he’s quite a bigwig in the world of Montessori education in the UK. He’s apparently been involved in introducing the Montessori Method to some failing state primary schools, so it will be interesting to hear what the results have been.

Second, we’ve finally gone ahead and formalised the membership of the charity, so we (I) have to introduce that idea to the meeting. And last, we have a special resolution to change the name of the company, as the registered name still contains “(Shelley Road)” in reference to the old address.

BishWife is working on getting the accounts ready, so we can tell the great news that we have broken even again (even with the moving expenses considered we hope). She’s been acting the Rottweiler recently in collecting unpaid fees too. Generally we’ve tended to be a bit too nice and let people get away with the odd missed payment, but now she’s got an excuse to be hard to people she’s really enjoying it! Makes a change from the world of having to be nice to me and the MiniBishes I suppose.

So now we can relax until the committee meeting next week. And if anyone reading this wants to give the school a million pounds, please do leave a comment!

PS. Very excited also as we are all off to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Brighton on Friday. Don’t you miss it.


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