September 20, 2006

Just had the last of MiniBish1’s birthday parties for the year (four, count them, four!). A nice lady named Trixie came round with a truckload of exotic animals – snakes, lizards, geckos, spiders, snails, millipedes, cockroaches, etc.

MiniBish1 had five or six friends of his round and they all sat around (along with MiniBish2 of course) with towels on their laps nursing these creatures and (all except one) loving it. Never can room of eight year olds have been so quiet! They liked it so much they forgot to have their tea until nearly time for them to be collected. I must say I do like these parties with organised activities – worth £100 of anyone’s money.

Mind, there is trouble at t’mill with some friendships at school. MiniBish1 and another boy vie for the attention of a third, and this results in some acrimony. We like to think of the three of them as friends but in reality it seems that it’s always two and one. Last year MiniBish1 was the excluded one and was really upset about it. No amount of exhorting him to play with someone else and get some new friends would help of course. Now it seems that the balance has shifted and the other boy is excluded, to the extent that he was not invited to the party today. And there are rumours of teasing having gone on (we discovered today), with him being promised an invitation every day, but none turning up. This in turn has led to falling out amongst the mums, the feeling on one side being that we should have insisted that this boy was invited, and on our side that we said he could choose and we should stick to that. The temptation is of course to wade in and “sort it out” in a grown-up way for them, but I can’t see the way forward on this one.

All very trivial no doubt, but not to those involved. If only children could play in threes instead of two always ganging up on one. We see it so often and it’s heartbreaking that they put one another through this pain. But they must make their own choices, mustn’t they? I wouldn’t want to find that someone who had been really unpleasant to me had been invited against my will to party being held for me. Don’t seem right to do it to them somehow, but I like to please all the people all the time and this stuff hurts. And we can’t have this teasing behaviour, no matter what: words will have to be spoken.

Best years of your life.

Still, we highly recommend Trixie’s Minibeasts.


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