Back on your heads

August 21, 2006

Just returned from Glastonbury having enjoyed a week “off the grid” as I believe us bloggers say.

What a mad place it is! Where else can you buy crystals in two out of every three shops but struggle to find a sandwich for lunch?

That said, there’s some amazing things to visit:

  • The Tor (that’s a hill to you and me) is interesting for its appearance and the views from the top.
  • The Abbey ruins are spectacular, especially if you have time to look at the scale model in the museum first. Incredible that he place was used a stone “quarry” for the road to Wells, and nearly disappeared altogether. Lovely grounds though, even if you do have to pay to go in.
  • The Chalice Well contains the spring, which you can drink from still, public liability permitting, and has beautiful landscaped gardens.
  • And don’t forget the Abbey Barn which forms part of the Somerset Rural Life museum – what a roof!

Anyway, back to the grindstone. Painting skirting boards in the bedroom until 10.30 last night because the carpet man is coming on Wednesday. And there’s lots of lovely problems in online enrolment because of new security fixes introduced recently in e:Vision.

Oh joy, it’s good to be back.


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