Red letter day

August 7, 2006

So having spent hours just a few weks ago trying to attach badly designed stabilisers to the bicycles of the miniBishes, I deemed it time at the weekend to remove them from that of miniBish1.

Having been around the block a couple of times with him, it was pretty obvious that the stabilisers were hindering more than they were helping. They make it impossible to go around corners at anything more than a crawl and, as the bike was quite large and the centre of gravity consequently high, any lean (such as that needed to counteract the camber of the pavement) tended to lift the rear wheel off the ground resulting in wheelspin. Wheelspin is a pretty cool effect to achieve on a bike, but in this case it was hampering progress.

So, off they came, and whaddya know? The boy went whizzing off round the park like he’d been doing it all his life. And the smile on that little face! Now that’s something to remember. By the time we came back he was fine with starting off, sort of ok with stopping, and was having no problems with going round corners. He liked it so much, we had to pay a return visit in the afternoon for another few circuits.

Mind you, I got a fair bit of exercise running alongside on the pavements to and from the park. Puffed? I’ll say.

On Saturday we took a leisurely trip along the Chichester Ship Canal (on the good ship Egremont) which, although a touch cramped with five adults, three children and a full buffet lunch aboard, provided a most pleasant trip through the Sussex countryside. Very gratifying. Thanks and respect are due to BishWife for the organisation and the lunch. What a treasure she is!

Precious little decorating got done, except a coat of paint on the woodwork in the bedroom, but hey, I think getting children on wheels beats that in importance.

Anyone want to buy a second-hand stabiliser kit? When I said it was badly designed I didn’t really mean it.


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