Junk mail

August 4, 2006

It’s high time I joined the rest of the country in whinging about the  amount of junk mail I get inviting me to apply for loans and credit cards.

Yesterday (a not untypical day) I had one of each: loans from Sainsbury’s, and credit card from Barclays.

What is with these people? (Rhetorical.) As I recall we have over a trillion pounds in consumer debt in Britain – that’s a record level – and around 100,000 people were expected to become insolvent this year.

I’ve got an idea for all you banking people. How about when I feel the need for a loan or a credit card I come and ask you? Instead of you keep mailing me on the off-chance I might want one?

I think the time has finally come to join the Mailing Preference Service. Grrr.


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