Newcastle frown

July 14, 2006

Preparations are in hand to get FrightfulBish to Newcastle for the SITS:Vision user conference. This takes place over two days (next Tuesday and Wednesday), but there’s a meeting of the User Group Executive on Monday so that’s an extra overnighter.

I have mixed feelings about it, as ever. First, with online re-enrolment having just gone live, it’s a bad time to be out of the office for three days and puts a lot of pressure on m’colleagues. Unlike many of you technophiles I’m not really equipped for working on the move: no Blackberry, no laptop, etc. Second, it’s a long time to be away from the family and leave BishWife to cope on her own (plus she’ll probably miss an evenings dancing as I won’t be there to babysit). Third, I actually do sort of look forward to the conference, but because of the above I feel a little guilty about enjoying it. I should have been a Catholic.

Anyway, I have train tickets (five hours each way!), I have hotel reservations, I have directions, I have an overnight bag and I have the mobile phone. Let’s hope that’s all that’s needed. Oh, and a bit of paper and a pen.

On Sunday it’s off to see the family in Iver Heath, Bucks. A long trip for the MiniBishes on the car and then a formal-ish meal for them when they get there. I can’t help thinking they won’t greatly enjoy the day, but what can you do? This is a branch of the family we only get to see once a year or so, so it seems churlish not to go, and since no-one else will have young children it seems silly to expect the day to be planned around them. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Also, tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of BishWife and I getting hitched. As always, this will get overshadowed by MiniBish2’s birthday which happens a few days before and requires a lot more effort in the planning and buying departments. Nonetheless BishWife has procured tickets for us to go and see Much Ado About Nothing in the park next weekend, and a friend of ours has offered to look after the children for the evening, which is very nice.

Tomorrow, we’re trying the MiniBishes out on their new bikes, so I expect a stiff back for the drive up to Iver Heath. All part of life’s rich pattern.

Why-aye the lads! (Is it just me or should the new Nintendo Wii really be pronounced this way? “Wee” sounds silly, but with a touch of Geordie, Why-aye sounds great.)


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