June 29, 2006

I don’t mean this blog to turn into another humour recycling house, but once in a while you find a pearl that deserves a wider audience (me and my reader).

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much since I read that posting about on Techcrunch. This is a recipe for humus unlike any other. I’m still chuckling about why its advantageous to use a rubber spatula rather than a metal one. And yes, what else does one do with a half-finished jar of tahini paste?

Here’s the link to Tom Brown’s recipe for humus

Tom, wherever you are God bless you for making on old man very happy.

Must dash, I’ve run out of lunch hour.


One Response to “Chuckles”

  1. Update: I emailed Tom to say how much I enjoyed his recipe. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough that I’d enjoyed reading it rather than making it, but no matter. He responded and didn’t seem hacked off at yet another message about humu(o)s! More power to his blender!

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