Fridge poetry

June 25, 2006

Anyone else have one of those fridge magnet poetry sets?

I bought a standard edition set for BishWife as a Christmas (I think) present years ago, but we struggled to get anything useful out of it. My best effort was:

“Dark blue evening, bruise of day.
How like morning not to stay.”

I was quite pleased with that in a modest way (witness the fact that I still remember it), until my brother came up with the following paean to a long-serving fridge that finally broke down and died one summer’s day, called “White Goods”:

“When day was holiday hot
I did see amid your winter snow
full many a cold delight
to make me grow

and so for thee
did I fill this naked space
with flowery language.

But why do you languish
in this arid sleep
my Herculean froster?

In summer’s long dearth
you lapsed from life
into watery repose.

Leaving limp vegetables.”

Now ain’t that something? I like to excuse my own effort by recalling that he had the “genius” edition at his disposal, but I have a sneaky suspicion he just has a more poetic soul.

Have you done better?

(One of?) the makers of the magnetic poetry kits has an anthology on their website. Why not submit yours, but don’t submit the ones here: we claim Bish family copyright!


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