Father’s Day

June 20, 2006

So Father's day has come and gone once more. It was quite a busy one this year.

I did get a little lie-in. Not that I'm much of a one for that particularly, as I may have mentioned before, but it's nice to have the miniBishes come in for a cuddle and a tickle; what I believe we describe these days as "bonding time", if not "quality time". They duly appeared and I was presented with two new t-shirts (which is nice) and a cup of tea – very decadent.

Actually miniBish2 had her school sports day today and I managed to get along and to wear the t-shirt she gave me. I'm pleased to report that she was on the winning team. Yay, come on you reds! (Oh, but that poor little boy who led his running race right to the end, then came a total cropper just before the line and finished last in tears! Goodness, that brought a lump to the old throat I can tell you)

But I digress. Managed to do a teensy bit of work on the bedroom decorations after breakfast before it was time to wash and brush up and dash off to our friends the Fosters who were holding a party to celebrate the first holy communion of one of their children. Lunch there (nice cottage, nice food, nice people) then back for tea with the parents of BishWife. It's nice to think that the miniBishes might one day be visiting us in or dotage with their respective partners in tow.

Sadly, my own dad died about four years ago now so all I can do for him is to remember him and perhaps to put a little token on his memorial. I must make time soon to go and do that, and maybe write a little something about him here too. He deserves that, he was a good man. Parents can't help but teach us I suppose, sometimes we take from them ideas of things we want to do, people we want to be, and sometimes (and just as valuably) things we intend not to do, to ourselves and our children. Luckily, I have much more of the former!

I seem to remember that father's day for my dad involved being presented with quantities of chocolate ginger, a tradition I fully intend to try and foster in the miniBishes. Yum.

So anyway, bit of tea in front of a film (Harry Potter again I think), children off to bed, do chores and then off to bed ourselves. The rest of my father's day will remain private; this is not that kind of blog!

I kind of like these special days. It does us good to have an occasion to ponder the value of important people in our lives. Our children ask, much as we asked our parents, "Why isn't there a children's day?", to which we trot out the trusty parent's line "Every day is children's day!". But actually they have a point, it can be such a grind sometimes just keeping pace with everyday life that it is possible, even easy, to forget their value as people too. Perhaps Bish Towers will have to unilaterally declare a Children's Day after all.


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