Long shortlist (2)

June 14, 2006

Back on May 23rd, I posted about some job interviews I'd got involved in. Well, today came the big day when the candidates arrived for their grilling.

Actually, from our shortlist of seven, one withdrew, one failed to turn up and one was ruled out by the personnel department on the grounds that he wouldn't be able to get a work permit, so that left us just four to interview (and some big gaps in our timetable for the day).

I used the time on my train journey back from Hessle to prepare my questions, and actually they worked quite well on the whole considering I'd never made up an interview question in my life. The poor fellows (for fellows they all were) were given a tour of the facilities and introduced the the other team members they would be working with, then given a short practical test (wiring an RJ45 socket with cat5 cabling) and a written test on some networky questions to do with Windows, Unix and the like, before their interview.

There were two strong candidates from the four, one obviously on an upward trajectory who wanted grass roots experience before taking off into a network design/management career, and one who was much more likely to stay in the team for the longer run. The other two were really not strong enough on communication skills to be in the running.

We're meeting to make the final decision tomorrow morning but I think we all hope that room can be found for both of the top two in some way because they seemed really good.

I still don't feel comfortable with the process though, however necessary it is. Sitting in judgement on others and having such influence and potential impact on their lives (one of them had been unemployed for a couple of years) really makes me uneasy, and I don't really see why anyone would think I'm qualified to do it. At heart I still want to please people but the interview process is guaranteed to upset more people than it pleases, so I'm going against my basic principles from the start. Perhaps that's why I'm always left with an unsatisfied feeling at the end of the process, however good the appointment might be.


2 Responses to “Long shortlist (2)”

  1. Good news! We got the go ahead to make two appointments so at least we only have to disappoint two people (as it were). Of course, they might yet turn us down, but that's their problem. At least we get the opportunity to please some of the people some of the time.

    Let's hope there's no need for more interviews for a while now, so I can go back to work.

  2. They both accepted! Start next month.

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