Hessle for sure

June 12, 2006

I haven't got anything to say really, but as I'm away from home I wanted to try blogging from a public computer to see what happened. WordPress looks a bit weird on this IE 6; all the toolbar button images are missing and have been replace by text in various fonts. Still perfectly usable though – well done chaps.

So, I'm in Hessle, East Yorkshire, just next door to Hull. It's blisteringly hot outside and I'm sitting in the public library (computer number one in case any one wants to trace my steps one day) looking very travel-worn and rumpled. (Typing quickly as it's only ten minutes 'til closing time despite the computer thinking it's already in the middle of next week.)

Hessle, by the way, is to be found at the north end of the Humber Bridge. (Ugh, hyperlink tool doesn't work so well in this browser either.) I really like the bridge; a beautifully slender suspension bridge over 2km long. I walked across it once – got very wet. Go and see it if you get the chance.

Have met with the developers at Tribal Technology and we've sorted out a way forward on online payments, mostly by agreeing to ignore the difficult bits for now.

MiniBish1 very sweetly gave me a cuddly toy dragon to bring with me because I wouldn't have mummy to cuddle whilst up her on my own. Aren't children wonderful? Such a shame they have to grow up and be exposed to the imperfectness of the world. I've brought the camera so I can take a picture of it next to a Hessle sign somewhere and show him.

What next? Meeting of the user group executive tomorrow morning at 8.30, then race home to see if I can get there before bedtime for the MiniBishes.

Will walk back along the river foreshore now I think, and get some dinner. Seems a long time since lunch.

Toodle pip.


One Response to “Hessle for sure”

  1. […] As I may have mentioned before, Hessle is chiefly famous for being one end of the very beautiful Humber Bridge, and it is my wont whenever possible to visit the bridge if I am in the vicinity. So it happened that I awoke from my Humber slumber at about six o’clock in the morning and, it being a dry day, decided to hoof it down to the bridge to watch the sun come up across the estuary. The bridge is long and it takes about fifteen minutes from the end to the halfway point, but I had plenty of time before having to return to the hotel for breakfast so I stopped and pondered the meaning of life whilst watching the river flow by. […]

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