June 7, 2006

So I had my amusing post about my train journey home from London yesterday all ready to go, even saved it ready to publish later (not on WP, just locally composed) and then the computer died. Hard disk gone west apparently. Doh!

My fault really. We were writing off some old hardware at work (and I mean old, we don't throw away anything any good) and it occurred to me that I could salvage a spare video card and an old monitor and get my PC running "twin heads" as I believe it's called in the trade. As it turned out, all the cards were way out of date, no drivers available etc, etc, but the desktop systems people said a new dual-head card would only cost thirty quid anyway. One was duly purchased and our mate Adam came to install it today while I was out at a meeting.

I tried logging in when I got back (cool, looks like Mission Control with two monitors), but all was not well. I recalled Adam who tried the same thing, but it went from bad to worse and soon it was apparent that the disk had problems, and shortly after that it died a death. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Anyway I had to resort to using the departmental laptop for the rest of the day while a struggle ensued to save the contents of the drive. Oh I do hope it's successful!

Came home to find that miniBish1 had been struck by a flying stone at school and spent the afternoon at home with his mum nursing a split lip. Poor little chap. He was very brave about it apparently. It is far from clear what happened, but likely it was just an accident.

Hey ho. Never a dull moment. If I can get the train article back I'll post it up soonest as I was secretly quite pleased with it.

Chin chin, gentle reader.


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