Mind racing

June 4, 2006

This must be a mid-life thing. I remember the days when I could laze around in bed for hours (well, at least an hour) just relaxing and meditating on life's little mysteries.

Nowadays, I daren't go to be early, and I can't stay in bed long after waking up because my mind starts racing through all the things I haven't done yet. It can be work things, home things, family things, things for the pre-school, committee things, anything really. I wonder if I'm becoming neurotic? No, can't be that serious.

For example, the ball-valve in the cold water cistern drips slightly; has done for nearly a year. Hearing the tiny hiss of water running through the pipes when the house is silent at night nags me that I should either fix it myself, or get someone in to do it. If the cistern overflows, there's a slow drip, drip, drip onto the deck oustide the back of the house, another reminder. Oh yes, and that deck needs a bit of maintenance too. And those bushes need moving. And the rest of the play equipment we bought for the kids two (three?) years ago needs putting up, but before that the rest of the wall needs demolishing and that tree has to come down (and be replaced with what?). And the shed needs tidying.

But there's the bedroom to finish decorating first isn't there. Is that still priority one? Yes, except it's summer now so the garden really needs nore time. May be some time off work to get some stuff done. But no, there's online re-enrolment to finish at work, and online enrolment for next year to start on. And really we should be doing proper online backups by now (well, ages ago really). And we should have decommisioned those old servers and got everything on to the new databases, but where is the time to do that?

Oh, and the Charity Commission Return deadline is looming for the school, and no sign of the final accounts yet. And there's the minutes of that meeting to type up. And the web site needs updating. And we need to find a solicitor to help with reviewing the Memorandum and Articles.

And when was the last time we touched base with our respective families? And spent some one-on-one time with the children. And my wife! Mustn't forget what's important in all this.

I don't know. All in all I'm just not feeling very effective right at the moment. I know I must get organised, get a grip on it, and maybe shed some work if I can do so without putting anyone else in too much of a spot. But we none of us like to admit that we can't cope. Ah, nonsense, of course I can cope! People deal with a lot more that I have to put up with, and do it easily too. I must away and read the Seven Habits again, and maybe work a bit harder on trying to keep to some of the recommendations in there.

Off to York tomorrow and haven't packed anything yet. Still, it's only an overnight stay so should only need a toothbush. Yeah, right.


2 Responses to “Mind racing”

  1. […] I did get a little lie-in. Not that I'm much of a one for that particularly, as I may have mentioned before, but it's nice to have the miniBishes come in for a cuddle and a tickle; what I believe we describe these days as "bonding time", if not "quality time". They duly appeared and I was presented with two new t-shirts (which is nice) and a cup of tea – very decadent. […]

  2. […] Anyway the conference was jolly good. Lots of interesting things there which we should be taking notice of, however I know there won’t be time. What I should do is to sit and go though my notes, probably present the important points to my colleagues, and review current procedures to bring them in line with all the new knowledge. So what did I do? Attend a project meeting, help configure an Oracle database, attempt to sort out a few problems with online enrolment, and do some data manipulation to correct some data entry mistakes. Tomorrow’s busy too so it won’t get done then, and after that it will probably be starting to get too late. Same old same old but hey, I’m in a good mood so enough of that. […]

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