Reality checkover

May 17, 2006

Funny just how different real DIY is from televisual DIY.

I took this week off to decorate our bedroom, and with a TV team this would have been ample to make over most of the house, update the kitchen and put a new shower in. I'm currently at the end of day three and all that's happened so far is that I've stripped off the old wallpaper (remember woodchip?), ripped out the old carpet (remember foam-backed?) and repositioned a couple of electrical outlets to suit the new arrangement. And I'm not sure now that one of those is in the right place!

Oh well, press on. Tomorrow I attempt plastering over the worst of the holes created by taking the old fittings off the walls, and building a cupboard to hide the hot water tank (remember those?). Hopefully (especially if I can get the central heating radiator back on) everything will be dry enough to start decorating on Friday – my last day.

Anyway, at least I've taken advantage of being on leave from work to get out on my bike each morning from six o'clock to seven, getting home to have breakfast with the children before they head off to school. That's been really pleasant, and it's reassuring that our part of the world is still so quiet and peaceful at that time of the morning. This is certainly not a city that never sleeps! Lovely being able to see the sea on one side and the green hills on the other whilst pedalling leisurely (leisurely-ly?) along the coast path. Sigh. Pity it looks like rain tomorrow.

Cycling tip #1: Always have the wind in your face on the way out, so it's at your back on the way home!

Oh, and there's a committee meeting here in the evening tomorrow so we'd better get tidied up.

Chin chin.


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